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Serving the Youth of Northeastern Michigan
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Area 2 Project News Alert

James E. West helped define Brave, the tenth point of the Scout Law, as “the courage to stand for what he thinks is right…!”  After careful review of the strengths and performance advantages of the two remaining organizational models, over 75 Scouters, Professionals and Volunteers from Area 2 stood up in support of the “proposed ideal structure” that will carry Scouting in Michigan and Northern Ohio into the next 100 years. 

The two structural models remaining had been fleshed out showing the professional and volunteer organizational charts.  A financial cost analysis of each model, developed by the National Office, compared the operating costs of each as compared to the current structure.  Both organizational models reflected redirection of financial resources towards more unit serving professionals.  Overwhelmingly the Area 2 representatives selected the Area Governance model to represent its target towards the ideal structure.

The ideal structure will position nearly twice as many executives at the community level than what currently exists in Area 2.  Past Area President, Mike Yost, said, “This structure places more professionals with their boots on the ground to support the units at the community level where the greatest need exists for increasing membership”.  The target ratio used in the ideal structure of 1,250 youth per serving executive will significantly impact the ability to increase membership at all levels in scouting.  When fully implemented, youth projections can be expected to increase from the current 89,000 to over 140,000.

As the ideal structure model moves ahead, additional build-out and details surrounding the roles and responsibilities of the professional and volunteer positions will follow.  The proposed structure increases the flexibility of services provided to communities without the restriction of fixed boundaries.  It enhances opportunities for both volunteers and professionals to engage at the area level, and preserves our tradition of a strong presence in our communities.

 Area President, Craig Younkman, shared that the “charge for the Task Forces over the next three weeks will be to detail the ideal structure and prepare the final recommendation so it can be reviewed with each Council in the Area during the summer.” 

For details on the proposed ideal structure, click here.

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