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National Council Raises Registration Fees to $15.00 Per Year

The National Council Boy Scouts of America will raise annual registration fees from $10 per year to $15 per year effective January 1, 2010.  This will be the first fee increase since 2003.  This fee increase will affect all Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and adult leaders.  Exploring registration fees will remain at $10 per year.

As you are working on your unit budges for the 2009-2010 program years, the Lake Huron Area Council recommends that you take this fee increase into account.  To assist family budgets, and unit planning through the Ideal Year of Scouting, the Lake Huron Area Council is also recommending that all new youth joining Scouting any time of the year pay a flat fee of $30 to join.  This breaks down to $15 for registration, $12 for Boys' Life magazine, $1 for accident insurance, and the remaining $2 stays with the unit to cover start-up costs (some units may charge more).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the membership fee being increased, especially now, during such difficult economic times?

The National Council is committed to providing added benefits to local councils and volunteers to support the delivery of high-quality Scouting programs in every community.  A key investment continues to be in providing more user-friendly Web-based resources.  For example, via MyScouting, volunteers will be able to complete even more training requirements on their own schedule, 24 hours a day, via online resources.  This will complement their current ability to recharter and manage advancement records online, complete and submit tour permits and participate in the Scouting Community social network, which continues to grow.  Also, in the future, new-member registration will be available online.

As good stewards, we strive to keep costs to a minimum.  And, we are proud that, even with this increase, youth can receive the full benefits of Scouting membership for only $1.25 per month.

The National Executive Board reviewed revenue and expense projections along with the planned initiatives over the next several years, recognizing that the annual registration fee would not meet expenses.  The Board decided that the fee could be increased each year or every other year to keep pace with the expected expenditures, or that it could be raised to the level chosen and held in place over the next several years.

When was the last registration fee increase?

In 2003, the registration fee increased to $10 from $7-an increase of 43%.  The new registration fee will be implemented a full 7 years since the last increase and at 50 percent, only slightly higher than the 2003 increase.

How long do you expect this fee to be in place?

The National Executive Board, in its approved resolution, noted that it would endeavor to hold this new fee level at least three years.

Is the Lake Huron Area Council raising the registration fees?

No.  This was a decision made by the National Council Executive Board.  The Lake Huron Area Council does not receive any money from registration fees.  Registration fees cover the cost of operating expenses of the National Council BSA in such areas as program research and development, national high adventure bases, council services such as ScoutNet and professional training, nationwide marketing, brand management, etc.

Can I turn in my re-charter early to avoid the increased fees for 2010?

No.  Fees are based on the first effective date for the new charter.  That means that if you re-charter after November 2009 you will have to pay the increased fee.  All December 2009 (effective date January 2010) and all January-December 2010 re-charters will pay the increased fee.

Will I still have to pay the additional $1.00 for Accident and Sickness Insurance at re-charter time?

Yes.  Insurance fees are different than registration fees.  That means each unit will pay $16.00 per person at re-charter time in 2010 vs. $11.00 in 2009.

How will this affect the fees youth pay during school night this fall?

Youth that register this fall will pay from the day they join to your re-charter date under the old fee structure and pay the new fee structure at re-charter time.  For example, if a youth joins your unit in September and your unit recharters in January they will pay $4.25 registration from September 2009 through January 2010 and then $15 from February 2010 through January 2011.

Due to the economic slowdown, can we delay this fee increase?

No.  This was not the decision of the Lake Huron Area Council, but that of the National Council.  This fee increase affects the entire country, not just our council.  The Lake Huron Area Council does not receive any funds from registration fees.

Does this affect the cost of Boys' Life magazine?

No, the annual subscription rate for Boys' Life magazine for members remains at $12 per year.

How does the fee increase affect re-charter if I am a 2009 re-charter and I re-charter late?

If your unit is due to re-charter on or before November 2009 and you fail to do so, you will have to pay the new registration fee of $15 for the next year if you turn it in after January 1, 2010.  If your unit is due to re-charter December 2009 (effective date after January 1, 2010 for new charter) or later, you would automatically fall within the new fee structure of $15.00.

Questions on the new BSA Fee Increase?

Please contact LHAC Registrar, Birdie Sisco at  x203.


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