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Welcome to Internet Rechartering

Welcome to the 2011 recharter season.  It is time to reregister all youth and adults participating in your Scouting programs for 2012.

Remember that your new Scouting year has recently kicked off and your new recruits were recently registered.  They most likely paid for the pro rated plus the full year all at once.  If they are attending meetings you can assume they need to be rechartered.  Please take a minute to read these instructions and you will be ready to begin. 

Happy Rechartering!

These things are mandatory to complete your recharter and have it considered processable.

1.  All required positions must be filled and basic registration rules followed.

2.  All required signatures must be present.  That means IH and unit leader on front page along with either the Unit or District Commissioner or District Executive.

3.  Completed applications for any new youth(s) and/or adult(s).  A new person is one not previously registered with your unit.      

*Apps for new adult apps must be completely filled out and include all required signatures.

*Updated Youth Protection Training (see page 4 for more information re:training)

*The disclosure is part of the adult application and must be filled out.

Youth apps must be completely filled out and include both parent and unit leader signature.

4.  Full payment-including $1.00 per person for insurance.  If unit account is to be charged, a note of authorization must accompany papers and unit should be sure money is present in account.

The most common defects that bring the rechartering process to a halt are:

1.  Rechartering finished but unit did not actually hit submit

2.  Process completed online but no hard copy printed, signed and turned in.  Remember, papers should be turned in at the district recharter night or given to the unit or dist commissioner or District Executive.  Do not bring papers to the council office.

3.   No money turned in with papers

4.   No signatures (applications and recharter packet must be signed)

5.   Incomplete or no applications for new Scouts and/or Scouters

6.  Transfers; a person is not a transfer if they are coming from a unit with the same expiration.  Those people must be added as and considered new members.

To Complete

Remember: your completed, signed recharter package along with payment should be turned in at  your districts Recharter night.  Attending the recharter night will allow the package to be reviewed before it comes to the council office.  There will also be other good and useful information there that you won’t want to miss.

If this is not possible, you can also turn it into your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner or District Executive. 

You should not turn the papers in at the council office.

Getting Started

Q: Can I print a roster to use as a worksheet before I begin?

A: Yes, after you Load Roster there is a print button in the upper left corner.

Q: Can anyone be our unit processor?

A: Yes, provided they have the access code.

Q: How do we change the Chartered Partner, Institution Head or expiration date?

A: Do not attempt to change it on the screen.  Accept what is there.  After you click Submit then print the recharter package and just draw a line through the information printed and write the changes in. 

Q: Is there a window of time to get this complete?

A: Yes, you may begin on the second business day of the month two months before your unit expires and go to the months end two months after.  Ex: a unit that expires in Dec can begin rechartering the second business day of Nov but will loose access the last day of Feb.

Making the Updates

Q: If our Chartered Partner sponsors more than one unit must the CR (Chartered Representative) be the same for all of those units?

A: Yes.  One partner = one CR.

Q: What if our leaders hold more than one position in our unit?

A: They cannot hold more than one position in each unit.  The CR is the only exception and the only other position a CR can hold is CC (committee Chair) or MC (Member of Committee).

Q: If I enter someone new and include all information do I also need to send an application?

A: Yes, for several reasons.  We need the signed app on file and you will not be able to enter SS#’s for new adults.  Remember that the signed disclosure is a required part of the application.  The application must be accompanied by a copy of the YPT (Youth Protection Training) certificate.  Note: Last years AP’s and PS’s must complete an application to be leaders this year.  As an AP (Tiger Cub Partner) or PS (Scout Parent) they did not fill out an application.

Closing out

Q: How do I change the fee charged to show the $1.00 insurance per person?

A: You will not be able to make this change and will not need to.  Just include the $1.00 per person in the check and I will know how to apply it.

Q: Once I submit am I finished?

A: No, you must print the recharter package, get all required signatures and return package, new apps (if any) and money to your Unit commissioner, District Commissioner or District Executive.  Please do not turn papers in at the council office.

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